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Shopping Guide

About delivery and shipping

【Delivery company】

Japan Post


Shipping: 1000 yen (tax included)
*The shipping fee for Hokkaido and Okinawa is 1,320 yen (tax included), and 1,100 yen (tax included) for Kyushu.

Your order will normally be shipped within 7 days after you receive the order confirmation email.
Delivery may be delayed if orders are concentrated. Thank you for your understanding.


【method of payment】

Please choose from credit card payment in the online store or PayPal.

<Online credit card payment>

We accept the following credit cards.

  • VISA


  • AMEX

  • JCB

The payment method will be a lump sum payment.

[Sales volume]

Please check each product page.
Since we share inventory with our directly managed stores, it may be sold out at the time of purchase.

[Application expiration date]

If payment cannot be confirmed even after one week has passed since the order was placed, we may cancel the order.

[Delivery time]

We usually ship within 5 business days from the day after your order is placed.
In addition, we will send you a delivery completion email when the product has been shipped. Please note that the mail may be delayed due to congestion.
If you are registered with a mobile carrier mail (,, etc.), there is a possibility that it will be assigned to spam mail depending on the reception rejection setting (domain designation, etc.), so you can receive the mail. Please make settings accordingly.


We do not accept returns or exchanges except for defective products or incorrect delivery.
We check the product at the time of shipment, but if there is a defect, we will exchange it for a non-defective product or return it.
Please contact us by phone or email within 7 days.
We will return the item and inform you of the return/refund method.
We will cover the shipping cost.

Please note that we cannot accept returns in the following cases.

  • Items that have passed more than 7 days since arrival

  • Items that have been used, refurbished, laundered or cleaned

  • Items that have been detached or lost, such as invoices, product tags, labels, and accessories

  • Products with odors, stains, or scratches from customers

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