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Spring Summer 23 Collection Our process "Embroidery"


A passage left by a literary master, "Isn't the society about you?" The words "society" and "ordinary" are actually extremely subjective values derived from personal experience and knowledge. For sensitive teenagers, the word "normal" can sometimes become a shackle, and it can also be a word that hurts someone. Like I was.


As a fashion designer, I would like to express the discomfort I feel as a person living in the modern world, and support someone's "normality" even a little.

Spring&Summer collection is a collection inspired by the scenery I see from the casual everyday life that I feel is normal. No one sees the same scenery, so don't force yourself to see the same scenery, and be proud of what you feel is normal.

If you look at it from someone other than yourself, the scenery you see may be particularly sparkling.

I hope my ordinary becomes something special for someone.

disemBySiiK SS23


Plants that grow wild in urban areas with a dignified appearance that can penetrate the ground hardened with concrete and stand up to the hustle and bustle of people.

Most people would probably call these weeds. Those weeds in my daily life are not weeds to me.

Sometimes, the leaves and flowers illuminated by the morning sun have an unintended beauty as the morning dew sparkles, and the moonlight and swaying in the breeze evokes a sense of melancholy.

They have so many facial expressions.


The depth and overlap of plants, the unevenness of the surface of the leaves, and the brilliance of the leaves are expressed through full-pattern embroidery.

While carefully discussing with the embroidery factory in Fukui Prefecture, we design the design one stitch at a time.

In order not to lose the brilliance and gradation of the leaves, three different colors of embroidery threads are used, and the way the needle is inserted is varied.


You can wear it in a relaxed atmosphere with a fabric containing linen that has a different texture from the delicate full embroidery. We hope that we can bring you the happiness of wearing beautiful clothes in your casual daily life.

THE Ordinary



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