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【PROCESS】THE Ordinary 2

Spring Summer 23 Collection Our process "Assemble"



If you look closely at our "ordinary" days, there are many discoveries.

I take the train every day to commute to my studio. During the rush hour on weekdays, the rapid trains are so packed that there is no place for air to go. Every time the automatic door of the train opens, there is a station worker who fills in the overflowing people. Clothes with people squeezed into steel rectangles, ironed shirts and tightly tied ties are distorted here and there. As. It is reminiscent of the beautiful curves drawn by Egon Schiele.



Sometimes, other people's "normal" is distorted. Just like your own righteousness is evil for someone else.

We live in a society where hundreds of millions of "ordinary" people come and go. Skillfully combine the "ordinary" of others with your own "ordinary", and finish the distortion into a beautiful curve of your own.


There are many discoveries in daily life. A series of towering buildings like skyscrapers, densely packed like a puzzle on a narrow plot of land. The carefully calculated layout and shape are very beautiful. Ten or twenty years from now, will these structures float in the air, transforming and combining from time to time? I dream of that.


A tangled highway that cuts off the sky, it may be part of the landscape that I don't pay attention to, but it is a very important discovery for me.

disemBySiiKのシグネチャー的なディテールの組み合わせるという意味を持つAssemble series。私たちデザイナーの日常を衣服と組み合わせて出来たアイテムを、私たち以外の誰かの"普通"と組み合わさって、新たな美しさが生まれていくことを望む。

The Assemble series, which has the meaning of combining, is a signature detail of disemBySiiK. We hope that items created by combining our designer's daily life with clothes will be combined with someone else's "ordinary" to create a new beauty.

Written By SiiK


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